Shame is an @$$hole.

Experience this 3 part workshop series where I teach all about shame, where it pops up most, and how to stop giving a f*ck (and manage shame as it rears its ugly little head).



  • You’ve visited, lived in, or currently live in THE BAD PLACE. (No, NBC The Good Place is not sponsoring this course but I wish they would. I love it.) *The BAD PLACE is where all your perceived mistakes and failures hang on the walls like dumb trophies and taunt you with how you will never be free of them. The BAD PLACE looks different for everyone. The BAD PLACE smells.
  • The BAD PLACE is where shame sends you (more often than you would like) and you get stuck there. Yor Inner A$$hole pays the rent there. Or doesn’t. It probably doesn’t because it’s a mooch.
  • You had something happen to you or occur that you feel bad about, EVEN THOUGH IT WAS NOT YOUR FAULT NO WAY NO HOW JUST NO.
  • You did something perceived as “bad” and the BAD PLACE feels like the only place you deserve to live. (That’s a lie.)
  • You feel broken. (You aren’t.)
  • You think you are behind in life. (You aren’t.)
  • You have gotten older and feel a certain way about it. (News flash: We all age. If we are lucky.)
  • Your body looks different than you think it “should.” (Again: Should is an asshole.)

 πŸ”₯  Should I go on? By now you know if this workshop series is for you because your body is screaming YES or NO. Are you listening to your body? (I hope so.)



 Part 1:  Name the Shame

Featuring special guest Katherine May!

Saturday, May 

21st at 10am PDT

~120 mins

  • Authors Katherine May and Jen Pastiloff will host an interactive dialogue on shame and the things you can’t always see. They will chat about the ways in which Katherine’s autism diagnosis and Jen’s deafness have taught them to put down shame, as they invite participants to put down their own shame.
  • Find your people in our private Shameloss Community on Kajabi
  • Allow yourself to be seen and heard. Listen like your life depends on it (it does, says Jen, who is deaf.)
  • Get crystal clear, without judgment, on what shame you have been carrying, unnecessarily and find tools to let it go.

Part 2: Befriending Fear

Featuring special guest Katie Hendricks!

Saturday, June 18th at 10am PDT

~120 mins

  • Jen and Katie Hendricks (yes, THE Katie Hendricks) dive into what it means to be free and choose full-on living by going beyond intellectual exercises to reach a deeper level of change (Katie’s speciality!) Katie will share tools to let go of shame and “sorry” to become more integrated and play your unique instrument with joy and verve.
  • They will offer tools to befriend fear and harness fear juice for fuel. (Be forewarned: this session will be FUN.)
  • Katie will share some of her beloved and signature offerings that have led her to become the world famous author and evolutionary catalyst she is. 

Part 3: Let Yourself Off the Hook

Featuring special guest Amanda Haas!

Saturday, July 30th at 10am PDT

~120 mins

  • Superstar chef Amanda Haas joins Jen in an interactive session on shame around bodies, food stories, and that devilish Inner (Kitchen) Asshole.
  • What would it feel like to  let yourself off the hook? To be free of shame, even if just for today? This last workshop offers tools on how to feel more free, in and out of the kitchen.
  • Insights on what works and what doesn’t and what it looks like to keep trying EVERY SINGLE DAY to put down what is not serving us. Daily practices to keep letting that sh*t go. 
  • Community sharing and listening with love and respect. And a lot of laughter. A lot.
  • Learn to embrace levity and find the funny because life is hard enough and we don’t need to make it harder.



It’s so insidious. When you least expect it, when you are unprepared and just chilling on your bed like one does, just watching Netflix while eating salt and vinegar chips, shame shows up and tells you that you are a worthless piece of a potato chip. (A crumb?) It tells you that all you did that day was watch Netflix and it wasn’t even a good show! All you have to show for yourself is this? Shame taunts.

And you know what happens? (Okay, by now you realize I am only sharing my internal IA (Inner A$$hole) dialogue but hey, maybe it resonates?) What happens is you decide that Shame is the MF Boss of you and that it is right and you are less than a potato chip. That’s how it happens. Then the spiral begins.

You (Fine: me) I then lay in bed and commiserate on how I should have graduated from NYU because my life would be better. I would have a real job (lol lol lol) and I would have a consistent paycheck and be revered and go to bed at 9:43 pm every night and I would have 3 books out in the world and another one on the way and life would be safe and consistent and nothing bad would happen ever and…..
But I did not. I dropped out and waited tables at the same gig for 14 years. And here I am.

But see, want to know the kicker about this experience of ShameLoss? You realize that where you are is okay. Where I am is okay. Where WE are is okay. And that maybe we have some blind spots. Maybe, just maybe, shame is clouding our vision and causing us to think we are potato chip crumbs (shame doesn’t even have a good imagination) when really we are SPECTACULAR HUMAN BEINGS.

Yea, you.

Name the shame.

What is it that is causing your to spiral or go down a rabbit hole or to feel bad or get immobilized?

Name it and get honest about what it is. (Not saying it’s easy. But together we can do it.)

Find community and then ask “now what?” Now, what can I do TODAY to lose this shame? Just for today? Day by day.

The takeaway is this: let go of shame at least for today.

It’s a daily practice. Every day. It’s not like this series will make you lose shame forever, immediately. Maybe. (If it does, let’s please have dinner?) But most likely it’s an every single day practice. Every day I hope you ask yourself: What am I going to do now to put this down and carry only what I need?

Shameloss is a practice. A daily, honest, sometimes ugly, practice of acceptance. A knowledge that this is real motherfucking life (my favorite hashtag I made up, tbh.) There's more than one way to do it 'right.'

My life, all of our lives, don't have to look the same way to be successful.

Shameloss is doing the work. Shameloss is taking a deep exhale and believing, even if just for this moment, that you're right on time. And I’m here to teach you how. Are you ready to do the work with me?





Shameloss is an everyday practice. This online course will give you an arsenal of tools, support, humor, community, and comfort so that you can wake up each day and slay that Shame Dragon because life is hard enough.


We do not need any more monsters or naysayers or abusers.


This courses will give you the confidence to say to Shame:

“Not today, a$$hole. Not today.”





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πŸ”₯ 3 part online course to keep forever

πŸ”₯ Forever access to the private Shameloss Community

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Jen Pastiloff helps souls grow open and stronger through her On Being Human memoir and teaching. Think movement, writing, sharing out loud, letting the snot fly, and the occasional dance party.  Cheryl Strayed, author of Wild, calls Jen “a conduit of awakenings.” Jen has been featured on Good Morning America, New York Magazine, Health Magazine, CBS News and more for her unique style of teaching, which she has taught to thousands of women in sold-out workshops all over the world. When she is not traveling and running retreats , she is based in California with her husband, son and a cup of coffee. She has created a massive online following from her personal essays and teachings. Follow on instagram at @jenpastiloff or Facebook. She is also the creator of @nobullshitmotherhood on Instagram. Her motto to live by is Don’t Be An Asshole. She even owns the URL.